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iAsia TV - Speaking to RK Panditi , President of EKAM and Dr.Sai Lakshmi, A former pediatrician and from EKAM foundation and EKAMUSA . Visit : Balijepalli Sailakshmi----------------------------------A former pediatrician, Dr. Balijepalli Sailakshmi is reducing the child mortality rate among the most poor by raising their access to quality healthcare. To achieve this, she is linking communities, schools, universities, and public providers to public healthcare in order to build health awareness, enhance health seeking behaviors and make care inclusive, accountable, and effective.----------------------THE NEW IDEA----------------------While there exists a large network of government hospitals in India, they are failing to provide quality, timely care to patients, especially to children, because of inefficient management and lack of transparency. Dr. Sai is building a supportive and educational system that proves minimal investments in administrative and management practices can significantly improve health outcomes. Focusing on neonatal and pediatric care, Dr. Sai involves stakeholders such as local governments, educational institutions, and private providers to address the gaps in public healthcare. Taking a partnership approach Dr. Sai gained the trust of the government medical system by offering solutions to the biggest problems it is facing. By intervening from within the system and leveraging existing government budgets and schemes, Dr. Sai addresses the major governance and management failures responsible for the poor quality of care—namely drug supply, equipment maintenance, diagnostic capability, and manpower. Dr. Sai is also building a health and prevention-oriented system on the ground by educating communities and raising their agency in monitoring healthcare. These measures ensure the timely manner of quality health interventions.As a result of Dr. Sai’s initiative over the last three years, every district in Tamil Nadu has been ensured access to institutionalized and integrated neonatal care, while she is expanding the program to include overall pediatric care and expand it in other states. ------------------------THE STRATEGY------------------------To pursue her goal to improve access to healthcare for poor children, Dr. Sai founded Ekam in 2009. Through Ekam, she collaborates with the public child care system to address its biggest gaps and evolves grassroots health monitoring and response capacities. Dr. Sai is focused on activating SNCUs in the state of Tamil Nadu. She began by addressing the need of qualified medical staff to run these units. Dr. Sai convinced the government to outsource to Ekam the identification, training, and hiring of 350 nurses for the units. As the government medical facilities are commonly understaffed and struggle to attract appropriate human resources they were open to collaborating with Ekam. In future, Ekam will not need to provide this service to the government; they will only need to create the linkages with the appropriate service providers. Another manpower related gap is the need for continuous learning and exchange of knowledge among the medical personnel. To tackle this within the activated units, Dr. Sai created expert committees that connect doctors in remote areas with each other and to central facilities. Utilizing existing funds from the National Rural Health Mission funds, Ekam is now facilitating the creation of processes for these committees to function. Going forward, this is intended to become a common practice and will not require Ekam’s participation. ----------------------------------------Like iAsia TV Facebook Page--------------------------------------- (Dallas) (Houston)#iAsiaTV #EKAMFOUNDATION #EKAMUSA

Posted by IAsia TV - Dallas on Sunday, December 17, 2017
Ekam foundation

--------------------ABOUT EKAM - foundation is a not-for-profit NGO that works towards proving quality healthcare to needy children and mothers in India. The foundation was started on the basic premise that no child should be denied the right to healthcare. Ekam’s vision is to work for the well being of children and mothers and thereby contribute to a reduction in infant, childhood, adolescent and maternal mortality rates.Ekam is a unique health care model, primarily focusing on neonates and infants to seamlessly supplement the Public health care system. As a child’s health is dependent on the health of its mother, interventions are tailored to address the challenges and gaps within the RMNCHA Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child and Adolescent Health] arena. Ekam over the last six years has supplemented care at primary health centers, district hospitals and other tertiary care government hospitals by training nurses, helping in maintaining critical equipment, transporting sick infants to the nearest district hospitals, providing lab test support, drugs and medicines in select government hospitals. Since the focus is on rural health, there have been gratifying results in terms of saving precious infant lives. In the last 7 years, Ekam has reached out to over 10.8 lakh [1.08 million] children and as many families through its multi pronged initiatives. In addition; several camps, training programs, governance /empowerment workshops have been organized to create awareness among adolescent girls, expectant mothers and the community. Lakshmi's Visit-----------------------------We are delighted to have Dr. Sai Lakshmi visit USA and present Ekam’s work to our donors and the medical community in USA to improve pediatric health care, given Ekam’s remarkable success in reducing the infant mortality rate in India.December 17, 2017-DallasJanuary 6, 2018- Robbinsville, NJ January 13, 2018- St. Louis, MO 63141January 14, 2018 ChicagoJanuary 19, 2018- Bakersfield, CA 93309January 20- San JoseJanuary 27- Columbus, OHFebruary 3, 2018 San Antonio

Posted by IAsia TV - Dallas on Sunday, December 17, 2017