“Infant Mortality” an “Increasing Risk”

“Infant Mortality an increasing risk”. That’s a big question but nothing can be worse than this.  India ranks 12th among 52 low income countries having highest mortality rate. Infant mortality {ie death of infants under the age of one year} rate is at a ratio of 39 infants per 1000 live births and its share […]

Mother Child

Maximum Cases of Maternal Death in India is From an Infectious Disease

Maximum cases of maternal death in India is from an infectious disease – hepatitis A and hepatitis E – Contribute to make our mothers healthy and strong. To create a healthy future generation we need healthy mothers. Maternal health plays a major part in it. There are many reasons such as high fees, poor infrastructure, […]

Newborn - Caring Touch

Million of Newborns Across India Need Your Caring Touch.

Million of newborns across India need your caring touch. Birth of every baby is a wonderful happening. It is the event of a life entering the external world from the uterine environment. The initial 4 weeks after child’s birth is called the neonatal period. It is the time for extensive care as it involves high […]


Education Health And Nutrition

Education Health And Nutrition. The above three terms are the basic landmarks for enabling a Robust Childhood. They are well associated with each other. First let’s learn “What the three terms mean” ‘Proper Education’ about one’s self and the surroundings and Healthy and right Nutrition Habits are undoubtedly the source of a Good and Healthy […]


A Simple Immunization Schedule Can Save Infants Life.

A simple immunization schedule can save infants from more than a dozen of life threatening diseases – Make a difference where it matters the most Strengthen the foundation of a healthy childhood by supporting easy access to immunization where it matters a lot. Strengthen the foundation of a healthy childhood by supporting easy access to […]