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EKAM Foundation and its chapters believe in the power of ONE. When there is firm conviction in ONE clear Vision and Mission, Focus is possible even in a diverse eco-system. Competition becomes collaboration; tasks become a way of life and culture.

With this basic non-negotiable conviction, Ekam has devised unique models that have evolved and succeeded.

ONE is the partnership and collaboration with the Governments’ public health systems. Ekam attempts to augment, supplement and complement existing systems and practices by identifying gaps and needs and fulfilling on its goals to healthcare for all – with special focus on neonatal and young motherhood segments.

Working WITH the public health system, it is possible to reach a scope and scale that no independent body truly can.

Take for instance, the Tamilnadu model - Ekam’s centralized operations is able to, via one coordination office, reach and impact the RIGHT target group – namely the needy and poor in:

  • 32 Districts
  • 385 Blocks
  • 15000 panchayaths
  • 75000 hamlets

It is this model that has demonstrated measurable, sustainable and repeatable impact to become the preferred model for Ekam to emulate and implement in other states.

  • Identifying target groups
  • Assessing existing schemes and facilities
  • Identifying gaps
  • Supplementing and complementing needs
  • Providing / maintaining equipment and supplies
  • Building and enhancing critical capacity

Have all been achieved via partnerships and collaborations with public health systems.

The Community Connect

“Be the Change…” inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

Ekam has conceived of and is implementing with the support of donor and partner organizations programs to create centres of excellence for wellness

Ekam coordinators and field staff work to reach out to the widespread target group across 32 districts in a phased manner. Creating awareness on health and the importance of hygiene and nutritious diets takes these change-makers work closely with the community. It is necessary for the community to think of Ekam and reach out ON TIME for all health issues as they come across them. Volunteers, therefore, need to earn credibility and trust to be on top of mind recall.

This is achieved through Ekam’s auxiliary projects that map to healthcare – namely, enlisting and empowering youth to create awareness and run sanitation and hygiene audits and organize a process for clean up and maintenance of health centres and hospitals.

Nutrition, being basic to wellness, community kitchens and herb gardens have empowered communities for sustainable augmentation of nutritional needs.

Today, Ekam is becoming a household name in the segments where it matters – the bottom of the pyramid. Our helpdesks are busy getting and responding to calls from the community groups and centres. We are working towards such self-sufficient centres of wellness across districts and states.

An audacious vision for ‘barefoot bureaucracy’ will succeed will only succeed with patronage and support of benefactors and sponsors.

Ekam seeks the support of well-meaning supporters and Foundations.
Community Connect & Health-seeking mindset via Community Wellbeing & Governance

  • WELLNESS is a desired / desirable state - NOT a cure for ILLNESS
  • Involving family, community, volunteers and philanthropists to create an eco-system of wellness & motivated ownership
  • CWG Centres at all Panchayaths for inclusivity & cownership with a context of centralised training, knowledge sharing and ongoing capacity building, learning and development
  • A Celebratory minset with a culture of rewards in life and livelihood enhancement opportunities.

Work with Govt Hospitals & Bridge the Gaps

  • The Public health systems have far reaching impact & potential - augenting requirements and bridging gaps is a productive and collaborative approach
  • Facility maintenance and upkeep
  • Equipment audits, supply, upkeep
  • Labs & supplies upkeep
  • Resorce eveluation and augmenting
  • Training and placing of nurses and medical / para-medical resources

Mother & Child

  • Save the Child, Monitor Mother's Health
  • Focus on Health & Hygiene
  • Adequate Nutrition

Helpline No. +91-9445922333


  • Abhayam Team
  • Saradambal Neelamega Charitable Trust
  • Radhathri Nethralaya
  • Shree Geeta Bhavan Trust
  • Smt.Rajeswari Radha Krishnan Charitable Trust
  • Dr.Ayesha Sultana
  • Caritas India
  • Synergy Technofin Pvt Ltd
  • United Way of Chennai


  • Apollo Children Hospital (Chennai)
  • Hindu Mission Hospital (Chennai)
  • Kanchi Kamakoti Child Trust Hospital (Chennai)
  • KKR ENT Hospital (Chennai)
  • Madras ENT Research Foundation (Chennai)
  • Meenakchi Mission Hospital & Research Centre (Madurai)
  • MIOT Hospitals (Chennai)
  • Saveetha Medical College (Kancheepuram)
  • SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre (Kancheepuram)
  • GKNM Hospital (Coimbatore)


  • UPHC Staff nurses recruitment
  • SNCU DEO Recruitment


  • Caritas Udhayam Eco DRR Project
  • MERF ENT Project
  • Arogya Rakshak
  • Livelihood Project
  • Teen age Girls Survey (age between 13-19)
  • Village Health Water Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHWSNC)


  • 200 Mentor Nurses Training


  • DPH – NHM