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Addressing RMNCH+A (Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child & Adolescent Health)

NTT Data Private Limited, renowned corporate IT sector (Bengaluru), also known for its long term reputation in social activities opened the door for Ekam by initiating the project as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility in the year 2015 to support the objectives of Ekam Foundation. In partnership with NTT, Ekam introduced basic strategies in the city of Bengaluru to strengthen to support the health of underprivileged vulnerable children and mothers. Having started as a new project , Ekam-NTT CSR project focuses on prevention of deaths and illnesses in women and children of Karnataka. The project kick started in the month of January 2016. As a first step, simpler strategies were introduced targeting on underprivileged children of Bengaluru city.

Helpline No. +91-9611293377


  • Planning for 2 Government school camps with follow up.
  • More NUHM camps to be supported.
  • To continue providing support of children at Vani Vilas Hospital and other identified sources
  • To continue providing support for underprivileged community under special project.
  • Procurement of equipments for Vani Vilas Hospital.
  • An elaborate fund raising event to be conducted for supporting underprivileged children


  • Reduction in the probability of deaths/complications in children due to lack of financial affordability.
  • Better infrastructural facilities in Government Hospital services for Maternal and Child Health.
  • Improved knowledge, awareness on children’s health in underprivileged communities..
  • Better health of children and health seeking behaviour in the underprivileged communities.
  • Enhanced support & coordination between Government, Private and Community in identifying and treatment of vulnerable children.


  • SAVE A CHILD (Direct medical support to children between 0 – 19 years),
  • PREVENTION AND HEALTH PROMOTION (Upgrading hospital facilities, Medical & referral camps at Community, Awareness camps at Community)


  • NTT Data Global Delivery Services Private Limited


  • More than 1500 critically ill children were supported so far with life saving medical equipments
  • More than 500 women and children have got benefitted through medical camps & awareness programs
  • 27 babies were provided with life saving medical support .


  • Rangadore Memorial Hospital (Bengaluru)