Healthcare is just not about service providing. It is also about being as much holistic and compassionate with its approach for all given times. Medical and para medical staff, who constitute the entire life savings within the hospital wards, need to be extra compassionate and dedicated towards the cause. EKAM, with its working integrity from all sides, tries to associate with para medical staff on very close quarters so as to enhance a positive outcome. With its in depth integral knowledge on various working layers, EKAM so far has been on an initiative to recruit, train and mentor the nursing staff at various resource points. Considering its ability to reform government hospital wards into improvised reference points, many of those instances came through government invitations where EKAM was assigned the task of recruiting these staff and help them getting equipped with exclusive compassion quotient throughout. So far EKAM has been on a pleasure to stand on a documented record of recruiting 2400 nurses within TAMIL NADU and a further enhanced follow up in CHATTISGARH and other states on similar patterns.