2014 - 2015

  • EKAM’s founder receives the Nari Shakti Award from President of India- Dr Pranab Mukherjee
  • Children  Supported by Ekam: 1003
  • 1453 Referrals (Direct and Indirect)
  • 98.6% of all the equipment in working condition (SNCU Equipment maintenance)
  • Recruitment facilitation of 180 nurses
  • 661 committees formed
  • 4946 training programs conducted and 693 training activities conducted

2013 - 2014

  • SNCU Manpower Support: Signed an MOU with NRHM to recruit and monitor 640 Nurses within 64 Sick New-born Care Units in Tamil Nadu Hospitals. Signed in
  • NBSU Manpower Support: Signed an MOU to recruit and monitor 340 Nurses within 114 New-born Stabilization Units in TN Hospitals.
  • SNCU Equipment Maintenance Support– An MOU with the State IMNCI Nodal Centre for upkeep and maintenance of equipment within Sick New-born Care Units (64 units) across TN.
  • NBSU Manpower Support: Signed an MOU with TNHSP for Recruitment and Monitoring of 1212 nurses as part of their Non Communicable Diseases Intervention.
  • RCH Manpower Support : Partnered with the Department of Public Health for Recruitment and Monitoring of 741 Nurses for their Reproductive and Child Health Nursing Program.
  • Mobilizing Government Funding: With the help of our dedicated helpline team, we ensure that government schemes and funds, departmental funds are utilised to the fullest.
  • SNCU Equipment Helpline: With a dedicated helpline number 9445030801, we now are just a call away from sorting out any equipment breakdown related concerns in SNCUs in Tamil Nadu. Our call centre team attends all calls and transfers the queries to our network of engineers who immediately fix all equipment related issues. The number can also be accessed to get real-time status updates on equipment in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).
  • Youth wing training activities in hospitals.
  • Dr.K.S.Sanjivi Awards 2013 was conducted by Ekam and Udhavum Ullangal jointly

2012 - 2013

  • EKAM received approval from the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to provide preventive maintenance support for all the equipments in all the 64 SCNU established in the State by NRHM and appointed 640 nurses in partnership with State IMNCI as part of a Public Private Partnership initiative.
  • Introduction of EKAM Equipment maintenance helpline. In all, over 3,423complaints were registered on theEKAM Helpline. 3,309 cases resolved with inputs from 30 engineers. We are happy to say that as of today, close to 90% of the equipments in SNCUs across TN are up and running.
  • 1212 Non-Communicable Disease care nurses were recruited at 954 hospitals in 16 districts. Also,  114 nurses were recruited for new born stabilization unit (NBSU)
  • Ekam launched a dedicated patient welfare hotline number 9445922333 in late August to identify the needs of the population.
  • NBSU training to the nurses
  • e.PALS,NALS,PEMC,SNCU,F-IMNCI,SBA-Neonatal, Pediatric and Obstetric special training to the medical staff
  • F-IMNCI, SBA, HBNC, Community Monitoring-Neonatal, Pediatric and obstetric specialty training to the community
  • SIF project to provide training to nurses in SNCUs and videoconferencing
  • Ashoka MCH Nutrition Initiative
  • Vilupuram project started as MCH
  • Baseline assessment of NBSUs along with NRHM and NNF
  • Rapid assessment of SNCUs in TN.

2011 - 2012

  • Facilitated equipments to the tune of Rs 31 lakhs to various government hospitals in TN.
  • Received permission from the NRHM to facilitate services of 240 Nurses in the first phase and 104 nurses in the second phase a total of 344 nurses in 17 Medical College Hospitals and 27 District Head Quarters Hospitals to all 44 Sick Newborn care units (SCNU) in TN. Salaries funded by NRHM.
  • In Feb 2012, EKAM received approval from the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) approval to provide preventive maintenance support for all the equipments in all the 44 Sick Newborn care units (SCNU) established in the State by NRHM in partnership with State IMNCI as part of a Public Private Partnership initiative, funded by NRHM.
  • Signed MOU with State IMNCI in August 2012.
  • Setting up of the EKAM Helpline – a PPP initiative to attend all distress calls from SNCUs across TN. Helpdesk space has been provided by TNHSP
  • Signed MoU with the Govt of TN for equipments maintenance within Sick Newborn Care Units (Tertiary care facilities fornewborns)

2010 - 2011

  • TN Govt. requested EKAM to take up an assignment to recruit 234 nurses in 41 SNCUs (Sick Newborn Care Units)
  • NRHM sanctioned 4.8 lakhs for the facility based newborn care with community linkage project at Kancheepuram
  • Ekam was given the role of monitoring and implementation of NICU projects all over Tamil Nadu, the entire funding was provided by NRHM
  • Overall 14,159 children were screened and 176 were treated
  • 2,600 children were identified through Disha foundation volunteers, out of which 968 children were screened through medical camps. The children were given ID cards and a fund of Rs. 7 lakhs was raised for this scheme from the donors.
  • 12 weeks training on neonatal and pediatric care for the anganwadi workers, NGO caretakers and SHG members were coordinated by Ekam Foundation and successfully concluded.
  • Qualitative assessment of Maternal and Child Health Care in medical college and district head hospitals was done for which UNICEF has sanctioned 1.53 lakhs  to identify the bottlenecks in quality maternal and child care in 4 Govt. hospitals in Krishnagiri, Salam, Metur and Hosur.

2009 - 2010

  • In Association with Asha Nivas, training programs on first aid, disaster management and fire-fighting were conducted for Child Parliaments by St. John’s Ambulance, Red Cross, Fire Service in September, 2009.
  • Formed Health clubs with Junior Red cross children of Corporation schools, Disha scholars – IEC on Child Health Care, Adolescent Health Care, Nutrition and Sanitation were conducted by Doctors from ICH and RoyapettahHospital.
  • ICDS conducted training with the help of Aravind Eye Hospital, Ms. Ritajames of AHAP and Dr. Santhosh, for 600anganwadi workers on eye screening, hearing impairment and developmental delay.
  • Trained 167 village Health Nurses and Sector Health Nurses on neonatal care with the help of Dr. Vanaja of DDHS,Kancheepuram, and Dr. Sathya, Paediatricians and staff of Chinglepet GH
  • A total of 618 camps have been conducted with the help of Doctors from ICH and KKCTH for 27,463 children being screened during the year.
  • Of the 2,219 referrals identified, 720 have been treated at hospitals (as IP and OP)
  • A total of 25 camps were conducted with the help of Dr. Kathiravan and 3238 children were screened.
  • Dr. Amutha Rajeswari, Pediatricians and staff of Rajajee Govt. Hospital screened ICDS children and 108 referralswere also got treated.
  • registered as a Foundation under Trust registration act.


  • started as Community Pediatric Project of CIOSA( Confederation of  Indian Organizations for service and Advocacy) which is the CSR initiative of Mafoi Foundation.
  • The health screening approaches were done in 4 channels namely schools, ICDS centers, orphanages and in community/ slums.
  • In Parallel, unhealthy children were also identified by camp referrals & children who got admitted in Government Hospitals.
  • EKAM obtained Government approval to enable Public-Private partnership to develop ICH as an example of proof that the right treatment can go a long way in improving survival success rates. This was done in co-ordination with private hospitals (for investigations, treatment, training of nurses), NGOs (Social workers, Drug Bank, Play therapy, Volunteers) and corporates (funding, ownership of whole or part) 
  • In Chennai, EKAM provided training on pediatric Health Care for the caretakers, NGOs, ANMs of ICDS project & SHG staff of Sornammal Educational Trust.

2007- 2008

  • Started as Community Paediatric health project from the doctors team of Mehta Children Hospital (Chennai - India).


  • Children supported in this year – 3592.
  • 3631 referral received from Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Uttrakhand, Karnataka.
  • Ekam project expanded to Uttrakhand, Mathyapradesh and Karnataka states.
  • Worked for Flood relief at Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Cuddallore, Vellore, Dharmapuri, Ariyalur and Salem with the support of Caritas India.
  • 93 staff nurses and 8 DEO’s recruited at Chhattisgarh SNCU’s .
  • 99% of equipments in working condition in Chhattisgarh Equipment Maintenance.
  • 295 staff nurses were trained at Basin Neonatal Care and Resuscitation Programs & 32 staff nurses were trained at Advanced Neonatal Care and Resuscitation at Mumbai.
  • 1058 schools covered with 2012 School Health Program sessions and 106112 students benefited.


  • CSR Projects signed with ECGC Ltd and Rs. 1,78,13,583/- amount sanctioned to purchase Medical Equipments and Setting up Skill Labs(nurses training centre) at 6 governments hospitals and 4 government primary health centres of Tamilnadu.
  • 892 children supported by Ekam through Direct Medical Support program.
  • 833 awareness training conducted in Tamilnadu 5000 community people trained.
  • Rs. 2,22,000/- Medical Equipments donated to Kidwai Hospital, Bangalore funded by NTT Data.
  • 4000 teenage girls surveyed in Tamilnadu .
  • 1012 schools covered with 2700 School Health program sessions conducted and 110225 students trained in Mumbai.
  • 12 medical camps conducted in Karnataka.
  • 3000 slums dwellers surveyed in Karnataka.
  • 500 households trained on behavioural change reforms in Mathya Pradesh.
  • 540 staff nurses converted at UPHC project.
  • Facilitated the recruitment of 153 nurses and 9 doctors within 16 government hospitals in Chhattisgarh.
  • 98% of equipments in Newborn at Governments hospitals in working condition.
  • 94% of newborn equipments in CG government hospitals.
  • Recruited 5 runners to collect samples at CG.
  • Ekam USA registered.