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What is EKAM Foundation?

EKAM foundation is a not-for-profit (NGO) organization that works towards providing quality healthcare to needy children and mothers in India. The foundation was started on the basic premise that no child should be denied the right to healthcare. EKAM’s vision is to work for the well being of children and mothers; and thereby contribute to a reduction in infant, childhood, adolescent and maternal mortality rates. EKAM is a unique health care model, primarily focusing on neonates and infants.

The primary aim is not to replace but to seamlessly supplement the Public health care system. As a child’s health is dependent on the health of its mother, interventions are tailored to address the challenges and gaps within the RMNCHA arena (Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child and Adolescent Health). 

    EKAM over the last six years has provided healthcare at primary health centres, district hospitals and other tertiary care government hospitals in the following ways:

    • Training nurses
    • Help in maintaining critical equipment
    • Transporting sick infants to nearest district hospitals
    • Providing lab test support, drugs and medicines in select government hospitals

    Since the focus is on rural health, there have been gratifying results in terms of saving precious infant lives. In the last 7 years, EKAM has reached out to over 10.8 lakh [1.08 million] children and their families through its multi-pronged initiatives. In addition to the activities mentioned above, several camps, training programs, governance/empowerment workshops have been organized to create awareness among adolescent girls, expectant mothers and the community.


    Healthy and happy children,
    mothers and communities.


    To bring about an improvement in the health and well-being of the community, mother and child by working in the RMNCH+A [Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and adolescent health] sector and

    • Facilitating life-saving medical treatment to children needing support.
    • Working with and contributing to an enhancement of service delivery within the Public Health System.
    • Fostering healthy partnerships by encouraging a confluence of CCPP Community, Civil Society Organizations, Public and Private sector.
    • Empowering communities and guiding their decision making. Building and sustaining a community culture and platform that supports, motivates and encourages people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behavior.


    Every activity or program that we do at Ekam draws inspiration from our core values, which serve as our moral compass, guiding every decision and choice. As we march forward towards our vision, the values below define us and our working model.

    • Oneness
    • Truth
    • Compassion
    • Self-Obsolescence

    Quick Stats of Our Progress

    So far, EKAM has reached out to over 1.08 million children and their families through its multi pronged initiatives.

    We are fighting against infant and maternal mortality in the rural set up where access to health infrastructure is not up to the mark. With our financial, technical and intellectual inputs, we aspire to bring down the infant and maternal mortality rates. Please join us in this cause to make sure that every child’s life is safe because of appropriate life saving healthcare arrangements round the clock.

    Children & families
    supported so far

    Villages covered

    States covered

    Projects covered

    EKAM's Modus Operandi

    • EKAM recognizes that health, hygiene, nutrition, education and social development of children are all connected. If efforts are targeted for them at all stages of their growth – as an infant, a child and as an adolescent, then we will see that children not only survive, but live in a thriving environment too. Our interventions therefore involve multiple stakeholders including public health bodies, the government, private hospitals, corporate groups, health professionals and the community.
    • At EKAM, we have successfully identified the gaps (within the existing healthcare system) which has proved fatal so far especially with respect to infant and maternal mortality.  Each weak spot is addressed very strategically with the required inputs and the outcome is always overwhelming!

    There are various situations in every day healthcare routines where EKAM intervenes to bring a desired positive impact on the overall life saving scenario by providing support and enhancing their health through several initiatives.

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