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Milestone 2008-09

  • Started as Community Pediatric Project of CIOSA( Confederation of Indian Organizations for service and Advocacy) which is the CSR initiative of Mafoi Foundation.

  • The health screening approaches were done in 4 channels namely schools, ICDS centers, orphanages and in community/ slums.

  • In Parallel, unhealthy children were also identified by camp referrals & children who got admitted in Government Hospitals.

  • EKAM obtained Government approval to enable Public-Private partnership to develop ICH as an example of proof that the right treatment can go a long way in improving survival success rates. This was done in co-ordination with private hospitals (for investigations, treatment, training of nurses), NGOs (Social workers, Drug Bank, Play therapy, Volunteers) and corporates (funding, ownership of whole or part)

  • In Chennai, EKAM provided training on pediatric Health Care for the caretakers, NGOs, ANMs of ICDS project & SHG staff of Sornammal Educational Trust.

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