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Gallery: 10th Year Celebration

A team of 40 were gathered together at the ICSA hall on 30th August 2019 at 10.30 am. The room was decorated by the team, displaying eco friendly artistry and decor. The balloons were the only synthetic exception, but they lent an air of celebration.

The team was celebrating happiness at work. In honor of ten years of service in the field of maternal and child health, having worked with public healthcare systems and the community at large, the Tamil Nadu Team has plenty to celebrate.

It was their work and model that contributed in its own tiny way to the huge problem of infant and maternal mortality. They had helped, along with others to bring down deaths of babies and mothers. This achievement was one of the reasons UNICEF of Chhattisgarh chose to work with Ekam in its sick neonatal care units in the most difficult districts.

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