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EKAM Story

“ I strongly believe that we need to do service (SEWA) with pure intention and unconditionality”

Dr. Sailakshmi Balijepally

As a young, brilliant pediatrician, Dr. Sailakshmi Balijepally started her career working in government hospitals where she observed great inequality in the healthcare system.

Day after day she had to inform parents that their children were critically ill or required expensive treatments and procedures, knowing that many could not even afford three meals a day.

She witnessed many children become victims to the inefficiencies of the healthcare system and watched as doctors accepted preventable deaths as a routine problem of an overburdened healthcare system. Hospitals were filled to capacity with sick children sleeping on the floor. Many units did not have adequate staff, medicines, and life saving equipment.

Dr. Sai would not accept these circumstances. In 2009, she established EKAM Foundation with the firm conviction that NO child should be deprived of health care due to financial difficulties or other constraints. Since then, EKAM has grown into a global non-profit organization focused on improving pediatric and maternal health among the poorest in India by making healthcare inclusive, accountable, and effective.

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