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Sustainable Well-Being Initiative

We invite you to join hands with us to support or adopt one district.

Ekam’s Sustainable Well-Being Initiative Program holistically strives to build community ownership and enable social responsibility by providing competent training for improving the overall health and well-being of the community.

Direct medical support: Ekam supports drug, medicine, equipment, lab investigation, and hospitalization expenses for underprivileged children through a 24/7 helpline.

Upgrading government hospitals: medical equipment support, recruitment and training of government health care workers

Community capacity building: conducting awareness training on general health, nutrition, sanitation, maternal and child health, kitchen-garden/herbal-garden/nutrition-garden, government health schemes, adolescent health, yoga, and meditation

Community governance: forming youth club/school club, conducting behavioral management workshop focusing on individual, societal, and family transformation. Advocacy effort-convergence with local governing bodies in the district, block, panchayat by linking with village health sanitation, and nutrition committee

These activities manifested tremendous transformation in the community.

Ekam drives the SWBI initiative in all 38 districts of Tamil Nadu with the support of various stakeholders from governmental and non-governmental and with the identified volunteers who wish to contribute to the efforts to change their community. Ekam trains the identified volunteers at the grass-root level making them form different levels of committees in their respective district, block, village, and panchayat. The empowered volunteers take charge of the sustainable development in their community. Ekam propels volunteers by providing strong intrinsic motivation and extrinsic livelihood incentivization for sustainability.

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