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Children are the future of our Society–Providing What Every Child Deserves

25 Feb 2020 4:41 PM | EKAM Foundation (Administrator)

A healthy childhood is a must for a child to have a good start in life. Good health and primary education is the necessity and the foundation for the development of an individual.

Attaining a better future for every Indian child requires involvement and focus in a few crucial areas. These essential interventions can empower the children while giving them access to possibilities they could have never thought about. India needs to make certain investments required to provide the children with a sustainable and healthy future.

With rising complex health diseases like asthma, diabetes and eating disorders, raising a healthy child is not easy.

Food habits and physical activities are the main deciding factors. Due to unhealthy/irregular eating habits, not enough food on the plate or overeating can cause the present generation of kids to have health issues.

Some Key Areas to Cover —

Nutrition —Girls access to food and health is given less priority. Also, children with a lack of access to a balanced diet perform poorly in school. Realizing the importance of child development, the government has initiated the Rs. 12,000 crore Mid-Day Meal Programs. The program provides daily meals to the underprivileged children in almost 12 lakh schools.

Child Abuse Report —

Due to increased urban population, the number of street-dwelling children and their abuse is rising. About 28% of children live in slums and do not go to schools. India’s Juvenile Justice Act 2000 mandates State Governments to establish ‘Child Welfare Committee’ (CWC) across districts. Public servants, police officers, NGO personnel, social workers and even citizens can bring victims of abuse to a CWC.

Female Child Education —

With the help of education, girls can develop the skills and knowledge to become skilled workers and employees in the future. Female child education uplifts families and sure enough–girls can stand up for themselves and their communities, enhancing their health and prosperity and fighting early marriage. NGOs like EKAM, organize community events to sensitize communities about girl child education.

Donating to NGO “EKAM” –

Complimenting to the governmental organizations to eradicate exploitation and empower children, leading NGO ‘EKAM’ works towards health and education of our children. Please donate to enable swift access to financial resources for communities who need it immediately. The NGO’s programme work to prevent illiteracy and malnutrition across India.

Support disaster charity events –

According to “United Nations Office” for Disaster Reduction Analysis, India ranks among the top 2, most disaster-hit countries. In a disaster, children face a unique set of risk which need to be addressed as soon as possible. An emergency preparedness, response plan and an IT-driven disaster risk Reduction project across schools, is very much needed.

Over to You —

One of the ways you can help NGO — EKAM to give our children a better future–is to donate. The ‘NGO’s Programs’ are run in conjunction with government bodies, corporations and other entities and are designed to provide every child with a meaningful, dignified and independent future. To instantly join this movement, connect with EKAM at

Every child deserves a reasonable physical, emotional and social environment for growth and wellbeing.

“Save our children.”

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