Drinking-Water Situation in Rural India—India Aims at Providing Clean Drinking Water to the Rural Set-up by the Year 2024

The Big Problem—Drinking water situation has always been a questionable one in most parts of our country, especially on the rural side. The rural population has been facing a considerable lack of clean water supply for too long.    The consequence of the Issue—About 300,000 Indians die every year due to insufficient access to safe […]

India Needs to Seize the Major Problem of Food Wastage

India Needs to Seize the Major Problem of Food Wastage— Let’s Fight for the Cause

We Indians waste as much food as the “Whole of United Kingdom Consumes”. Food Wastage surely is an alarming issue in India. Our street, garbage bins and landfills prove it. Weddings, canteens, hotels, social functions and households heave out so much uneaten food. According to “The United Nations Development Program“, around 45% of the food […]

India's Effort to Provide Early Care and Education to Millions of kids

India’s Effort to Provide Early Care and Education to Millions of kids

Integrated Child Development Scheme [ICDS] was introduced in 1975 to improve Indian children’s health and quality of life. Anaemia, malnutrition, stunting, and under-immunization are ubiquitous, especially among children of poor or marginalized backgrounds. The goal of ICDS is to feed, educate, and care for vulnerable kids and mothers. What was then a small initiative became […]


Fighting Malnutrition in India—with the “Help of Nutrition”!!!

“It is easier to ‘Build Strong Children Than to Repair Broken Men”. Well said, right?   Children are our ‘Vibrant India’ s’- foundation. We have to take the initiative of bringing up healthy and secure children, to ultimately give them a more robust and safe future.  Despite efforts to improve the ‘Nutritional Status’, malnutrition continues […]

Early Child Development and Health

Early Child Development and Health—Moving from a Perceptible Past to Promising Prospective Future!

Almost one-third of the population of India comprises of children up to 14 years of age. Our duty as a community is to protect the health and well-being of this largest demographic group. We need a sturdy programme and policies as these children are our future and intellectual powerhouse of our country. *India was the […]