Helping Society Support Newborns

Helping Society Support Newborns and Inexperienced Mothers to Overcome health-related issues—

  Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health—Why is it important? Every ‘Pregnant Woman’ hopes to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. On average, around 1,700 women and adolescent girls die from problems related to pregnancy and childbirth. The negligent health of the mother, including any untreated health problems, could be the […]

A Disciplined Immunisation Program

A Disciplined Immunisation Program –to Reduce Infectious Diseases in Infants and Children

Immunisation is the primary tool of defense against dreadful diseases.  About a million children die even before their fifth birthday. One of every four of these deaths is caused by Pneumonia and Diarrhoea. These two leading infections cause infant mortality worldwide, though many of them can be saved by interventions such as- Immunisation and access to treatment. Recently, […]

Healthcare Education for the Underprivileged Children and Mothers

Healthcare Education for the Underprivileged Children and Mothers

Children are the future of our nation. Maternal and child healthcare services are the foremost priorities of community health programs. According to the World Health Organisation, maternal and child health services are id “promoting, preventing, therapeutic or rehabilitation facility or just call it “Healthcare for the mother and child”.   AN OVERVIEW OF “MOTHER AND […]