Maternal and Newborn Health Integration

One of the most powerful relationships in global health and development is between a mother’s education and her child’s chances of survival. “The more educated a mother, the less likely her child is to die. … Behind every preventable child death is a disempowered mother!!! So, Understanding the connections between a mother’s health and that […]


Improving Quality of Maternal and Newborn Care in ‘Health Care Facilities’

Addressing quality of care will be fundamental in reducing maternal and newborn mortality. For mothers and newborns, the period around childbirth is the most critical for saving the maximum number of lives and preventing stillbirths. In this context, WHO has elaborated a global vision where ‘every pregnant woman and newborn receives quality care throughout pregnancy, childbirth […]

Maternal health

Improving Maternal and Child Health

The World Medical Association believes that both a continuum of care and family empowerment is necessary to improve the health and well-being of the mother and child. Public Health in India has changed over the last decade. India has entered a new era in public health during the past 10 years. The challenge going forward […]