“Infant Mortality” an “Increasing Risk”

“Infant Mortality an increasing risk”. That’s a big question but nothing can be worse than this.  India ranks 12th among 52 low income countries having highest mortality rate. Infant mortality {ie death of infants under the age of one year} rate is at a ratio of 39 infants per 1000 live births and its share […]

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How can we as a society support underprivileged mothers in overcoming health related challenges?

With most newborns with equally new and inexperienced mother – How can we as a society support underprivileged mothers in overcoming health related challenges. It takes immense strength and bravery to give birth to a child and raise it. As great it may seem, it is one of the hardest thing ever for every mother. […]


Lack of Critical Childbirth Facilities in Hospitals Leads to Worst Pregnancy Related Complications.

Lack of critical childbirth facilities in hospitals leads to some of the worst pregnancy-related complications. Having a child gives a whole new perspective to life of every mother. But many mothers and infants die due to complications from childbirth. Maternal mortality rates are high in rural and sub urban areas compared to cities. We have […]

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Maximum Cases of Maternal Death in India is From an Infectious Disease

Maximum cases of maternal death in India is from an infectious disease – hepatitis A and hepatitis E – Contribute to make our mothers healthy and strong. To create a healthy future generation we need healthy mothers. Maternal health plays a major part in it. There are many reasons such as high fees, poor infrastructure, […]

Newborn - Caring Touch

Million of Newborns Across India Need Your Caring Touch.

Million of newborns across India need your caring touch. Birth of every baby is a wonderful happening. It is the event of a life entering the external world from the uterine environment. The initial 4 weeks after child’s birth is called the neonatal period. It is the time for extensive care as it involves high […]

The Right to a Healthy Life

The Right to a Healthy Life – What Every Child Deserves

The right to a healthy life – what every child deserves. Children are the future of our society. Every child deserves a good physical, emotional and social environment for growth and well being. A healthy childhood is mandatory for a child to have a better start of life. A good health is what one needs to […]

Infants Among The Urban

More Than 50% of Infants Among The Urban Have a Dismal Chance of Survival.

More than 50% of infants among the urban poor have a dismal chance of survival – how can we change these dismal statistics Motherhood being the most fulfilling experience, infant deaths devastates its whole essence. These mortality rates reflect the quality of the society we are living in and its health care structures. Governance of […]