Ekam EYA members

“Inspiring youth”

When Dr Sai tours the States, coast to coast to create new Ekam Chapters and meet and greet the others, it’s the young ones of the Ekam family that are the most excited.  Our EYA.

Ekam youth Ambassadors – EYA are our precious assets and our inspiration.

Starting to ‘serve’ without expectations, ‘do’ without transactional agenda and ‘give ‘ from the heart – at a very young age is the beauty of our EYA movement. An exemplary model of volunteerism in action.

These kids give time for their local neighbourhood needs.  They raise funds for the lesser privileged. They even adopt and support villages in India – the homeland of their parents.  And when they go to university, they start Ekam Clubs.

As a family, they learn about situations and places way beyond what they know in their cushioned environments. They take up kindness challenges. And journal their service hours to inspire each other.

Their best rewards, they say, are when people like Dr Sai come by and inspire them to do more.

Here is an expression of their love for her and her work.