EKAM - Soul Force - CAD (TN)

To bring in the wholistic (physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual) well-being of children and mothers in the world by bringing in the confluence of CCPP (Community, civil society organizations, public sector and private sector)


Indicators: Well-being as measured by Gross National Happiness as in increase in the Happiness Index ,Emotional quotient and Spiritual Quotient and Human Development index (Life expectancy, literacy and per capita income) and decrease in infant, childhood, adolescent and maternal mortality rates


Our aim is to complement the government health system and not replace it.


Our core values are oneness, love, truth and self-obsolescence.


The current team includes the visionary and founder of Ekam foundation, Dr Sailakshmi.

Supporting her and the Ekam Soul Force Team would be Trustees and experts (consultants and advisors) in the field of finance, operations, HR and community activities.


·         Mr BG Menon - Operations, Financial and MOUs/agreements approvals

·         Mr Ravindran, Prathibha, - Finance and Statuatory Management

·         Mr Francis Somerwell, Mr. Manoharan Governance and Systems building, Training and Processes Strengthening, Knowledge, Research- support Managing Central Data Repository System by CAD, Government Lesioning, Community Engagement, Corpus building, CSR-Fundraising. Marketing, Communications , Networking and Fundraising, HR, Staff empowerment, Social audits,

·         Mr. Kannan- Livelihood- Agri and Non agri based, Solar






SOUL FORCE- CAD- TN (Full time)

Rajesh, Radhakrishna, Neeta, Ishwarya, Charles, Sujitha,Manoj,Mohan



STAFF/CONSULTANTS (Part time/Full time/Honorary)

Francis, Manoharan, Dr.Vasantha Nair,Dr.Ezhil

( Supported by AMS, MSS, SRS, Chetan, Nologo, Swami Associates, Srinivasan)




ADVISORS (Honorary)

BG Menon, Ravindran, Pratibha,






Latha Rajan, Muthu Krishnan, Radhika Jain, Garima Agarwal, Sai




Statuatory and Financial Auditors: Kandasami Associates and Co.

Social Auditors: CSIM and Abinavgram



List of Committees working towards sustainability.


Livelihood & Solar Committee- Kannan, Radhakrishna,Francis, Dr.Manoj, Abhinavgram, Ram Subramanian

Skill Development Committee- Manoharan, PKRTI team, Dr.Manoj, Kasthuri rangan

Social Audit Committee – Manoharan, Charles, Manoj, Abhinavgram,

Fellowship/Entrepreneurship committee- Manoharan, CAD –TN

Resource Mobilization Committee- Francis,Sujitha, Leovalan, Annie


Overall coordination by Manoharan, Rajesh


List of States currently Ekam in Working

1. TN- funded by Individuals, Government, Trusts and Corporates

2. Mumbai/Maharashtra funded by Ameeta Chatterjee

3. Chhattisgarh funded by UNICEF and Government

4. Uttarakhand funded by Goonj and Government

5. Karnataka funded by NTT Data

6. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana funded by UCDS

7. Madhya Pradesh- funded by CFI


Meetings Schedule:

1. Weekly sharing meetings of SF-CAD- TN with Staff of TN, CG and UK (Issues to be discussed to get solutions and Minutes to be documented)

2. Monthly sharing meetings of SF-CAD- TN with consultants (Issues to be discussed to get solutions and Minutes to be documented)

3. Monthly sharing meetings of SF-CAD- TN with Advisors (Issues to be discussed to get solutions and Minutes to be documented)

4. Quarterly sharing meeting of SF-CAD- TN with Board of Trustees (Issues to be discussed to get solutions and Minutes to be documented)

5. Monthly meeting of Advisors and Consultants (part time) to discuss regarding Knowledge transfer (Francis and Manoharan) and Audit (BG Menon and Sashikala for Operations, Ravindran and SRS-Pratiba for Finanace) of the work done by CAD- Soul force team and how best it can be improved.

6. Monthly committees for sustainability meeting


Reporting System:

4.Regular daily log sheet filling, weekly reports and monthly reports to be submitted by Full time staff/consultants to their respective reporting officers and SF-CAD- TN and other States (SPM’s) reports to be submitted to BG Menon, Sashikala, Ravindran , Pratiba , Francis, Manoharan and Mohan

5.Monthly reports and Invoice to be submitted by Consultants to Admin- Rajesh which will have to be approved by BG Menon before releasing the payments.


Financial Approvals and Induction

6. All financial approvals, MOUs and agreements for all the States will be done by BG Menon

7.Every staff should have got the offer letter signed before joining, appointment letter on the day of joining and induction done within 2 weeks of joining and should have received the soft copies of all the 4 manuals -HR, Finance, Induction/Organization and Process .(Admin is responsible for this)



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