Community workshops in the Guttu Valley

“THE IMPACT OF PEER GROUP INFLUENCERS ON THE STATUS OF REPRODUCTIVE, ADOLESCENT AND SEXUAL HEALTH”  Activity Mobilization and awareness community workshops Team With the help of a local facilitator, Mr. Jagdish  Semwal EKAM organizes 4 workshops in the three GPs. Gram Pradhan, Teacher, ASHA worker and children, women, men all participated in these workshops. Mr. Shudhir Bhatt was […]

Water for Life & Wellness

  “Children in Water Governance (Towards water and sanitation consciousnesses)”   The World’s water crisis is having a devastating impact on quality of life for millions of children caught between the twin realities of water scarcity and pollution. In fact, the worlds intensifying water crisis is literally the arbiter of life and death of growing […]

One with the community

  “Movement towards holistic health care Of children”   Thank you, youth & patrons of Ekam USA – You have reached out across the seas and touched thousands of lives in the remotest corners of Tamilnadu and her hundreds of hamlets and villages. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You are an inspiration […]


Transformation from ‘Being for Others’ to ‘Being for Themselves’

  “Liberation: Not a gift, not a self-achievement, but a mutual process” – Paulo Freire   Women and Children health is directly linked with empowerment of women. We, at EKAM Foundation, have been striving for women transformation from “Being for Others’ to “Being for Themselves’. Our Community Change Management process has been enabling the women […]