EKAM HELPLINE : 9445922333 or 9445030801 ** EKAM HELPLINE : 9445922333 or 9445030801 ** EKAM HELPLINE : 9445922333 or 9445030801 **
About EKAM!

Ekam Foundation works for the healthcare of underprivileged children in India. The foundation supports hospitalization of children (below 19 years) admitted in private hospitals. Additionally Ekam maintains and sources equipment for government Pediatric hospitals and rents ventilators, and provides lab support and necessary medicines.

Ekam began in 2007 as a project of the Confederation of Indian Organisations for Service and Advocacy (CIOSA), and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of Mafoi Foundation. In 2009, it became an independent Non-Governmental Organization.

Ekam is working with the National Rural Health Mission to appoint over 1300 nurses for the Non-Communicable Diseases Programme and over 300 nurses for the Sick Newborn Care Units (SNCUs) in government hospitals. This includes 17 Medical College Hospitals and 37 District Head Quarters Hospitals throughout the state of Tamilnadu. Ekam now has the contract to complement the government for the equipment maintenance of 43 SNCUs. This public-private partnership was established to reduce neonatal, infant and maternal mortality rates throughout the state.

EKAM Foundation Underprivileged children and mothers can get Medical support form Ekam by calling our Help Line number or by approaching our Regional Officers or Local Coordinators. Children by definition for us is between o - 19yrs.

Additionally, Ekam partners with key local NGOs in a community monitoring initiative, the Bala Arogya Suraksha Project, that also provides comprehensive pediatric health coverage for very poor children in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram. Ekam has facilitated extensive monetary support to the three major government hospitals (Institute of Child Health-Egmore, Madurai and Chengalpet Government Hospital and Government Rajajee Hospital) to provide drugs, lab investigations, equipment, manpower and secondary and tertiary care in private hospitals through the coordination of a network of donors comprised of individuals, trusts and corporations.

In 2012, Ekam inaugurated a new Research and Development program to expand on the knowledge and expertise it has gained from its extensive experience working to address the health needs of both rural and urban communities. In 2013, Ekam will continue to work for the healthcare of underprivileged children in Tamilnadu, while expanding its existing programs and R&D initiatives to work for improved maternal health as well. Under the guidance of founder Dr. Sai Lakshmi and with a new leadership team in place, Ekam Foundation is also proud to announce the launch of programmes in Pondicherry, Delhi and Maharashtra.


Ekam has been successfully working with the Government of India, both through the National Rural Health Mission and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, to implement our community health, research and training initiatives for children and mothers. We work with the government to complement their efforts in the public health sector and without this valuable partnership model our joint work would not be as successful.

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