Dear Friends,

Namah Shivay !

It has been wonderful having a Param Guru  in my life making  me experience Guru tatva as  a  phenomenon of all pervading divinity  which is beyond this gross  physical body level

Taking this as a beautiful opportunity to express gratitude to Him, I would like to share with you all  my reflection on Ekam.

Ekam is an offering to my beloved Param Guru Dr.Avadhoot Shivanand Babaji who is well known as  the  “Father of Indian Healing”,(www.shivyog.com). By being an instrument of the divine and  Shiv Yog  GOD- Giving, Oneness and creating Destiny  as one of the strong principles, Ekam has set out to achieve global wholistic wellbeing of children, mothers, family and community and thus praying and seeking that Ekam is defined by giving unconditionally, by making everyone who come in contact experience  oneness  and by creating  its destiny to do its bit in Babaji's  beautiful vision of Loka Samastha Sukhinobhavanthu

Ekam for me  is completely a spiritual journey of experiencing unconditional love, freedom, abundance and "oneness"

and in physical reality a  proof that for  any intention which is pure and strong,  nature responds with lots of love and abundance.

Ekam is a beautiful experience  and proof of how a Guru comes and guides us in our lives  in  the subtler form way ahead even before we see Him in physical reality. Experiencing miracles constantly manifested by the Guru by offering our  prayers and seeking with pure intention, learning lessons and understanding the right purpose  by going more internal through meditation rather than running around  externally has been  seen as a beautiful phenomenon in the  survival for Ekam.

' PR ' for Ekam has always been 'prayers' bringing in abundance:-)

With a strong  seeking of  Ekam  to be a catalyst towards a bigger movement of achieving “Every mother and child has freedom to live and experience  wholistic wellbeing” into a reality, I thank God for giving  me my Param Guru in this life to make me understand the purpose of my life and constantly guiding me in the right direction,  a wonderful supportive family as a beautiful soul group travelling together,  a perfectly healthy body and this great opportunity 'Ekam' to burn my sanchita karmas ,   a great enthusiastic hard working loving  team leading Ekam , trustees/advisors/volunteers/interns/friends/well wishers  who are silently and unconditionally working very hard  and praying  to ultimately achieve its goal and last but not the least all those innocent mothers and children without whom 'Ekam- Oneness' could not have been experienced.

Our core values being Oneness, Unconditional love, Truth and Self-obsolescence all of which got evolved as part of this beautiful journey in Ekam.

For anyone  connecting to and working for Ekam as SOUL Force (Spread Of Unconditional Love Force) , I seek and pray   that we all together should experience  it as  a beautiful  sadhana and medium  for  self purification and go on to  experience Oneness where Ekam brings in confluence of CCPP(Community, Civil society organizations, Public sector and Private sector) and Self Obsolescence where Ekam  practices complementing the local Government Health Care System and not replacing it through its BOOT(Build-Own-Operate- Transfer) model with Truth and Unconditional Love as integral values to achieve Gross Community Happiness(GCH)/Wholistic Wellbeing of Community under the constant guidance of my Guru  as  end goal

I seek His blessings to always be remained connected to Him  by sincerely following principles of Shiv Yog in my life  and  sincerely practicing   Sadhana , Nishkamya  Seva and Samkeertan  graced by my Guru .

Ultimately I seek the grace of Almighty and grace of my Param Guru to bless us all with  whatever  is good for our ultimate good and make us all beautiful instruments  to serve the purpose of the Divine

Praying that Ekam becomes a medium and  helps not only us but  everyone who come in contact also  to experience "Oneness" and understand experientially that we are  just instruments of the divine born for the purpose of our own inner purification in this life !!

Praying for the wholistic wellbeing of  every being and that they  be blessed in life  with unconditional love, freedom, abundance and oneness:-)

Praying that Ekam  plays its bit for making my Guru's vision of  Loka Samastha Sukhinobhavanthu - Samastha loka Sukhinobhavathu to be a reality!!
Babaji's Prayer Picture (attached)

In Gratitude and with Unconditional Love,

I remain to be a sincere sadhak of my beloved Param Guru, travelling in this life  from” Searching to know  my True Self to ultimately knowing my True  Self  with His  Divine Grace”

Namah Shivay!

-Sai Lakshmi Shivanand, a Shivyogi.