Activity Tamil nadu Maharastra Chattisgarh Uttrakhand Karnataka
Total children supported 11585 576 0 118 5
Hosptilaization 2353 321 0 118 5
Drugs & Injections 2526 255 0 0 0
Lab Investigations 5983 0 0 0 0
Equipments 697 0 0 0 0
MRI & others 26 0 0 0 0
Total children screened 180000 0 0 0 128
No of seccessions covered in School Health Program 0 2012 0 0 0
Total Students covered in School Health Program 0 105699 0 0 0
Total Nurses & Doctors trained 3000 252 153 0 0
Total Nurses recruited 2800 0 300 0 0
Equipment Maintenance in SNCU's 64 0 13 0 1
No of Equipments repaired/ procured 1400 0 303 0 7
No of Pvt Hospitals/Drug Vendor/ 53 1 0 0 1
No of Govt Hospitals 64 1 16 0 1
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Gross Community Happiness - Ekam the wholeness

EKAM believes in Gross Happiness of an Individual, a family and a Community as the real development. Social and cultural well being of people is the priority. The Gross National Happiness (GNH), is an age old concept deeply rooted in Oriental cultures, especially stemming from Budhist spiritual values. This was a counter hegemonic to the hegemonic western material development model which was and still is measured by gross domestic product (GDP). Know More

Bala Arogya Suraksha

The Bala Arogya Suraksha or the BAS (Preventive Health Issues Addressal) project is aimed at building a model to strengthen the quality of maternal and child health care of the rural community and to encourage local governance and social accountability.

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Bank Name: Axis Bank
Account Name: Ekam Foundation
Account No: 910010045759320
Branch: New no: 7A, Old no: 2 to 4, Halls Road, Egmore, Chennai-600008. Tamilnadu
IFS Code – UTIB0001156
MICR No – 600211035

For foreign donors, we have FCRA approval, please write to us on info@ekamoneness.org for more details.

Save a Child

Ekam Foundation has a 24/7 helpline number which attends to the urgent medical needs of underprivileged child or mother. Anyone in need of urgent medical support can call the helpline number and the Patient Welfare Department (PWD) of Ekam will act immediately to render appropriate medical help based on the request placed over the phone call.

Partnership with the Government and government agencies

Partnership with the Government and government agencies

Ekam has been working closely with the NRHM, TNHSP, State IMNCI Nodal Centers and The Department of Public Health. The Department of Medical Education, The Directorate of Medical Services, Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation Ltd, Tamil Nadu Women’s Development Corporation on almost all of its initiatives.


Partnership with Private Hospitals and other Vendors

Ekam has a network of private hospitals, drug supplies, equipment suppliers, equipment engineers across Tamil Nadu where the children referred to us are provided with quality care and comprehensive treatment.


Partnership with General Public and Community

Engaging the community is in our opinion the most sustainable model. We therefore engage communities, Panchayat Raj Institutions, VHSC members , Donors, Volunteers, Youth Clubs, Child Parliaments, other Non- Governmental organizations to take up ownership of healthcare of underprivileged children.


Partnership with International Organization

Ekam also partnered with International organizations as Funding agencies, Grant Making Organizations, SEWA USA, UNICEF, WHO corporates, International Agencies.
UNICEF and Ekam aim to explore and understand the role of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) and Village Health Nurses (VHNs) in the delivery of healthcare during and after pregnancy.

Ekam Support

Ekam Helpline numbers:
Available 24/7 hours.

Tamilnadu Helpline: +919445922333

Maharastra Helpline: +919029399554

Chhattisgrah Helpline: +917869916269

Utharakhand Helpline: +917088607607

Karnataka Helpline: +919611293388 / +919611293377

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